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To place a  booking enquiry please call me on the following number  to disscuss a free consultation. All appointments need to be booked in person and a none refundable cash deposit must be paid. Any cancellation must be made no later than 48 hours before a booking. I also accommodate a walk in tattoo service subject to availability.

Lounge area

Work area

We have a large lounge area where our clients and friends can relax and view the extensive range of artwork and designs available in the studio. All clients are permitted to bring a partner or friend along with them and have the choice of watching the work being done or relaxing in the lounge area

The work area is seperate from the waiting lounge area for both hygiene and privacy.There is a full length door  seperating the work area and client has a choice of having the door open or closed


Tel 0121 742 3700

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