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To place a  booking please call me on the following number  to disscuss a free consultation. All appointments need to be booked in person and a none refundable cash deposit must be paid. Any cancellation must be made no later than 48 hours before a booking. I also accommodate a walk in tattoo service subject to availability.

My experience in the tattoo profession


I began  my tattoo career as an apprentice in a professional health registered tattoo studio. My tattoo training was extensive and included rebuilding and tuning tattoo machines and building tattoo needle configurations. I spent several years learning every aspect of my craft before opening living canvas tattoo in 1996.I now have more than twenty years experience as a tattoo artist and can work in almost any style.


I am also a proud member of the Needle Gangsta international club of elite tattoo artists,a member of the Bristol Tattoo Club and a committee member of the British tattoo artists federation promoting safe tattooing within the United Kingdom.I am also a committee member of the BSI representing the BTAF and the UK Overseeing National European and International standards appointed as an expert working towards raising standards within the Tattoo profession.








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